Ideal Situation

I have been working with a fantastic leadership coach and was recently asked to describe my “ideal situation”.  After some careful consideration, I came up with the following:


Fast-paced, collaborative environment
Collaboration and facilitation of ideas across organization

I thrive in environments where people come together to support and challenge each other with the intention of gaining inspiration and greater knowledge in an attempt to create something amazing that is guided by a reasonable set of milestones and deadlines. To “dive-deeper” into a project, I look for opportunities to gain different perspectives by facilitating discussions and getting people involved to collectively understand the potential.


Clear and shared goals of success

When people come into a project with different expectations and understandings of what makes it successful it can lead to frustration, conflict and missed opportunities. I aim to get everyone on the same page by drawing attention to the desired end state and providing an environment where each member can express concerns and/or suggestions for collectively achieving success.


Multiple projects/opportunities to explore vs. a monolithic product

It is my belief that ideas generate ideas. I have always looked for situations that enable me to work on multiple ideas at any given time and find that a rehashing of the same idea over and over is creatively crippling. Having projects of varying lengths that overlap each other give me the ability to keep pushing for new solutions to hard problems.


Ability to push full lifecycle of a product: Concept to launch

I have a passion for turning ideas into reality. My approach to solving problems is to think holistically about the experience, from end-to-end. How a person arrives at, interacts with and ultimately finishes the engagement is what will determine their next move. Understanding the intention of the interaction increases the ability to arrive at a successful outcome. Validation from the end user at appropriate steps of the process ensures the solution evolves to meet needs and achieve the desired goals.


Opportunity to manage teams and engagement with clients/customers

Successful projects are not created in a vacuum. Getting the right people in the room to expand, explore and establish the key objectives is when an initial concept begins to take shape. I love this phase of the project, when everyone is feeding off of the energy that fills the room. My role is to help harness, provide direction and maintain a level of excitement that keeps both the team and client engaged.


Opportunity for long-term growth, to make an impact and to affect change

I have enjoyed being involved in a variety of projects as it has resulted in a greater understanding and appreciation for a wide range of topics. Unfortunately, the ability to gain focus and a feeling that I have made a deep impact in any one thing is missing. I desire the opportunity to “make a difference” in the projects I am involved with and to grow (with/within an organization) to truly affect change through the solutions delivered.


Focus on customer by providing solutions that have clear and measurable objectives

I have engaged with a wide variety of customers who all feel that their project is the most important. To ensure agreement of a projects potential, it is my goal to establish clear objectives each validated by measurable key results. Establishing appropriate milestones with tangible results serves to keep the team on track and the customer aware of the process. The objectives provide a balance between the abilities of the team to deliver and the expectations of the customer.