The Irony Of An Online Portfolio

I am of the opinion that being your own client has to be one of the hardest roles as a creative professional. While I understand the importance of having an online portfolio, getting mine completed has been an overwhelming task. You would think that knowing this would be enough motivation to keep my portfolio up-to-date. We will see how it goes. The projects that have been chosen highlight the type of projects I find most satisfaction in provide solutions for.

The projects have been grouped into three categories. Strategic Design: examples of User Experience, Interaction, Information architecture and wireframes. Creative Designs:  examples of user interface for both browser-based and mobile projects. Illustrations & Branding highlights a few examples of  logos, labels, and a few favorites. The most challenging part of putting this portfolio together has been the selection of work to include. What you see posted is a small sample representing a wide variety of projects. While never completed, I look forward to refreshing this portfolio with new projects and appreciate you taking the time to review it.

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