I have spent my career driven by the potential to dynamically impact people lives through the delivery of well-crafted initiatives that raise awareness, enhance engagement, increase efficiency and inspire positive action. My focus is on enabling programs that seamlessly leverage technology, scale business through trusted relationships, promote sustainable practices and build strong communities. I am continually inspired by solutions that extend, enable, educate and entertain.

I am at my best when working through tough problems with engaged people who share a collective vision for what is possible. I have experience setting product vision, uncovering growth opportunities and motivating interdisciplinary / distributed teams across all stages of a projects lifecycle with purpose and intent. I seek opportunities that are both technically and creatively challenging, and thrive when facilitating an active cross-pollination of ideas. I am viewed as a leader by my peers and am constantly learning ways to grow both personally and professionally.

I am comfortable interacting with customers and engaging with all levels of an organization. I have successfully delivered solutions for audience specific community-based websites, online experiences for technical conferences, integrated technology previews, early-stage start-ups, content management and online advertising platforms, search, predictive social engagement tools, contingent employment scheduling, contextual help and support, enterprise and cloud-based infrastructure provisioning/management.

It is my goal to ensure that technology is used to reduce friction and to promote positive change for all people. My reading lists and media feeds currently focus on smart city initiatives, agriculture/agtech, urban planning & design, architecture, event/public spaces, renewable/sustainable energy and the technologies (AI, AR, IoT, Edge) being used to enable the delivery of new scenarios.

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