Management dashboard

Objectives of the project:
Shiftboard is a SaaS-based application created to help organizations schedule and track hourly workers. When I joined the company, the product had evolved through years of added features and capabilities, but the experience and interface were neglected. It was a perfect opportunity to breakdown the product and begin to take inventory of how the different parts worked through discussions with customers, customer success representatives and the developers. In addition, I worked closely with the sales team who were tasked with selling the product as a way to gain a better understanding of current scheduling and time management needs.

The goal was initially to improve the efficiency across the key user scenarios and to give the product a much needed facelift. In addition, to introduce a mobile experience that addressed common tasks customers needed to complete in the field. The biggest challenge was to ensure that existing customers were not confused by the changes in function and navigation while simplifying the interaction model. I worked closely with Product Management, the development team and joined executives on customer listening tours. Ultimately, I was responsible both for the user experience and the interface design.

The first phase was met with mixed results. In collaboration with the customer success team and direct interaction with customers, we made fast updates that began to win over long-time customers. The customization capabilities and UI changes made people feel they were interacting with a modern application. The investors were excited to see the up-leveling of the experience and of life breathed into the service to address the needs of new customers.

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